Reshaping the Neuronal

& Synaptic Properties of CNS​

One mechanism is to reshape the neuronal and synaptic properties of CNS neurons and the neurotransmitters that they release by modifying intrinsic neuronal membrane properties and thereby altering the neuron’s response to synaptic events. Electrical neuromodulation has been shown to influence the development of new neuronal circuits in the brain as well as to reshape the outputs of existing circuits. This process exploits neuroplasticity to, in essence, rewire and reprogram the brain in order to achieve specific therapeutic goals. Neuromodulation’s exploitation of central nervous system plasticity can loosely be characterized as a manipulation of the balance between different brain networks resulting in specific therapeutic effects when applied correctly and in the appropriate context. Even short a duration of neurostimulation have been shown to exert long-term inhibition on brain stem interneurons consistent with neuroplastic changes within these circuits. In other words even short term use of the Lenus results in long-term benefits.

Activating Preexisting

Dormant CNS Circuitries

Lenus Freedom activates preexisting dormant central nervous system circuitries rather than simply modifying the electrical flow through the brain’s preexisting active circuits. A prototypic example is the effect that this electrical current has on the body’s Inflammatory Reflex. The body’s Inflammatory Reflex is comprised of an afferent arm that senses inflammation caused by a specific process and an efferent arm (the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway) that limits the progression of inflammation. Inflammation is a natural immunologic response of the body to processes that can potentially damage it, such as opioid addiction or injury inducing pain. However, if inflammation is allowed to proceed in an unregulated fashion it can actually damage the body along with the pathology at which it is directed. Neurostimulation using the Lenus Freedom effectively activates cholinergic anti-inflammatory circuitry to down regulates proinflammatory cytokines and inflammatory nuclear factors in the inflammatory reflex in order to protect the body from itself. This effect results in symptom relief such as reduced pain and reduced autonomic nervous system reactivity to opioid withdrawal.

Lenus Freedom Advantage

Specificity - Lenus Freedom targets specific areas in the central nervous system in order to precisely achieve its therapeutic outcomes. Drug therapies exert their effect non-specifically on the entire body instead of a specific site within the brain, they have risks, side effects, and they require metabolic elimination from the body.

Safety – Neurostimulation techniques are safe, well tolerated, and avoid the systemic side effects of typical drug therapy regimens. The two most common complications with this procedure have been found to be local irritation and local bleeding (both occurring in less than 1/2 of 1% of cases).

Flexibility – Our device can be removed at any time without the lingering metabolic consequences of drugs that must be cleared from the body.

Long-term Efficacy - The therapeutic effect of PENS has been shown to last for weeks or months after the treatment has ended. This is due to the functional changes arising in neurons and synapses due to electrically exploited CNS neuroplasticity and the immunoregulatory changes that it induces in the body



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